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The Agora Collective - Berlin-based Center for Contemporary Practices - was originally founded in 2011 by a multidisciplinary team as an independent project space in Berlin. In 2017, the project has been totally relocated to the former Kindl-Brauerei Area in Rollbergstrasse / Am Südhaus, being proudly part of the Vollgutlage, a 38.000 sq. meters area acquired by the Swiss Foundation Edith Maryon. This location in the heart of Neukölln, has been secured for initiatives devoted to social, ecological, cultural and artistic projects. Agora´s current facilities consists of 1100 sq. meters basement space, being developed to be an ongoing experimental center for artistic production and presentation. This includes: exhibition and event programs, month-long workshop projects, a contemporary dance platform, studios for artists, community driven activities and artistic residency opportunities.

Under this unique new stage harboring different cross-disciplinary models of cultural and educational production, Agora presents the fourth edition of AFFECT, relaunched as a summer program open to international artists and culture practitioners willing to engage within collaborative and community-based practices, experimenting with models of working & living together in Berlin. Agora has since it's early stages embraced interdisciplinarity, bringing together artists and professionals from multiple fields, providing spaces for experimentation.

The AFFECT residency offers an opportunity to take part in Agora’s multi-layered and inclusive program of artistic projects and events that deal with relevant questions of nowadays. Agora means now, in Portuguese, language of its Brazilian founders and also coincidentally, in Greek, Agora is the place for encounters and exchange, the market-place.