AFFECT is Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices in Berlin, currently in its third edition

AFFECT 2016 is conceived as a 7-month-long program consisting of seven consecutive modules, each led by an international artist who invites participants to collectively explore a topic, develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month, culminating in a public event presented in the city of Berlin.

Resembling an immersive academy, AFFECT 2016 programme offers a diverse curriculum of workshops growing out of the research and practice of the Berlin-based facilitating artists and curators.

Judith Lavagna
# 1 WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs
May 2 – 28

Diego Agulló
#2 THE ARTISTIC MISSION: Dismantling professionalism in a for-profit economy?
June 1 – 29

Lorenzo Sandoval
#3 The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies
July 4 – 31

Thelma Bonavita
#4 COM(m)O(n) Club Radio
August 1 – 27

Sarah M.Lewis
#5 If you don't pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU: on the role of the collective in an attention economy
September 5 – 30

Kinderhook & Caracas (Sol Calero, Christopher Kline)
#6 CONGLOMERATE: One-Shot Sacrifice (TV Special)
October 4 – 29

The program is initiated by Agora Collective.

Download OPEN CALL Brochure. Curriculum of topics, facilitators, dates and details on project venues and partners

Methodology / How it works
A hybrid between an educational program and a thematic artist’ residency, AFFECT proposes its participants to arrive at a final collective project based on experimentation, processuality, interdisciplinarity and critical engagement. Each module takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators.

Participants will have the opportunity to collectively delve into the proposed research question, bringing in their own sensibilities, practice and experience. Collective exercises, urban explorations and site visits, readings and discussions will pave the way towards the co-generation of a final event which will allow the group to share and exercise some of the module’s findings in a public format.

AFFECT 2016 premiers the new production possibilities inside Agora’s 2200m2 experimental project space in the Kindl Complex in post-industrial neighborhood of Neukölln. The current context of transformation and redevelopment of the former factory area with the creation of a Center for Contemporary Arts and Agora itself will be part of the experimental arena for the upcoming participants. Emphasis of AFFECT 2016 will be placed then in the production and presentation of the final event.

Practical information

Duration of residency

ONE MONTH – group meetings 3 to 4 times a week. Final public event at the end of the module.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

AFFECT is based on an interdisciplinary approach. Some of the main fields of interest for the development of the program are:
Visual Art - Film - Sound and Music - Dance/Choreography - Theoretical Practices - Philosophy - Writing – Urbanism & Architecture - Curation - Education & Mediation - Performance - Creative Science Crossovers - Political/Social Activism - Web Programming - Design - Innovation - Animation – Technology. Each group accommodates 15 people Wood working tools and exhibition display basics provided by Agora. Module facilitator and project coordinator assist participants in specific project-related needs along the residency process.


Not provided. Future participants can get orientation from the program coordination about where to find accommodation, best locations and prizes upon request.

Studio/ workspace

Shared studio space at Agora, 4th floor, 120m2 loft. AFFECT group meetings and workshop process taking place 3 to 4 times a week. Kitchen provided. Residents of AFFECT can use Agora’s facilities during the time of residency. The building has 2 co-working floors, a café, a garden and the AFFECT floor. 2200m2 Production and presentation space in Kindl Brewery Area, 600m walk from Agora space.

Fees and support

Participation fee is 300€ for each module. A small production budget will be provided for the final event. Our hybrid model between an artist residency, educational platform and EU program supporting professionalization of artists opens up more possibilities to apply for financial support. Previous AFFECT participants have been successfully granted to attend our program by university career departments, academic research fellowships, cross European and overseas mobility funds for artists, etc. Get in touch with coordination and we will provide you a list of funding possibilities. Agora can provide individual acceptance letters with a description of the content and nature of the modules to support grant application processes. Letters can be issued to successful applicants upon request.

Expectations towards the artist

Willing to engage in collaborative and group working dynamics. Commitment to all the stages of the process with energy, respect and openness.


Coordination AFFECT at Agora


Where to find us

Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin - Neukölln