Editing Studio

Previous editions of AFFECT were supported by a Collective Editing Studio: , integrated by participants of AFFECT, facilitating artists, curators, mediators and coordination team, in collaboration with Broken Dimanche Press (editor in Chief and co-founder John Holten) and FUK Graphic Design Studio.

The experience of experimenting with editorial frames as one more collaborative methodology accommodating different sensitivities and practices along the residency process, is the base upon which AFFECT 2018 is built.

After 3 years coordinating 14 collaborative productions which resulted in a program of 14 ephemeral exhibitions & performative events, our residency outcome model shifts towards the production of a final e-publication project. As a reaction to the excess of production in today's context of artistic mobility, thinking of critical ways to produce/relate/encounter/affect/map/preserve knowledge is central to our proposal for "Micro-Utopias: Cartographies of Relational Art in Berlin". Under this umbrella, we welcome a wide spectrum of participants from artistic, theoretical, scientific, engineering or social working backgrounds to gradually contribute to the publication process through the insights gain in the module and all the knowledge they already come with, shaping a self-styled cartography of subjectivities, encounters and methods within Berlin’s micro-utopias of art+life.

The publication will include i.e: essays, interviews, performative scores, conversations, manifestos, artistic exercises, video documentations, etc. The publication will be launched in January 2019.

You can see here a list of past publication projects as an inspiration for this year’s AFFECT Collective Editing Studio.

“Reading Bodies” by The Institute for Endotic Research. Module #3 of AFFECT 2016 Facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval with Ally Bisshop, Anya Yermakova, Del Hardin Hoyle, Femke Fredrix, Jana Pacheco, Kate Mhen, Laura Genevieve Jones, Maíra Dietrich, María Cerón, Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic, Michael Jevon Demps, Paula Querido van Erven, So Hee Kim, Sophia Schultz and Sophie Kitson. Design by Maíra Dietrich Edition of 05 July 2016

“The Pillar” Collective publication produced during Module II of AFFECT 2015, by the Institute for Endotic Research, facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval with Barbara Cousin, Damien Rudd, Elien Ronse, Fala Buggy, Francisco Perez, Kyrae Cowan, María Alcaide Romero, Mariangella Tinelli, marjolijn kok, Martina Masiarová, Mia Sellmann, Paz Bardi. Edited 26 June 2015. Artist edition, 50 copies.

“Dance rising, stone dropping” AFFECT Module III. A screen print publication by Victor Ramere, Maia Nichols, Esjieun Kim, Luda Lima, Vinzenz Reinecke, Leon Eixenberger. Published by Broken Dimanche Press. Edition of 13th December 2014. Artist edition, 15 copies.

“AFFECT INTERVIEW PROJECT” By Johanna Gilje, with artist of Module III of AFFECT 2014: Victor Ramere, Maia Nichols, Esjieun Kim, Luda Lima, Vinzenz Reinecke, Leon Eixenberger. Edition of December 2014. e-Publication.

“unbreaken” by Module II of AFFECT 2014. unbreaken book and exhibition project to be presented at L’Atelier-KSR from 13th Sep-19th Sep 2014 by artists in residence of AFFECT Module II: Alice Bucknell, Aviv Benn, Daniel AlmgrenRecén, Jol Thomson, José Cori, Kathryn Gohmert and Rune Bosse, supported by moderator Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, facilitator John Holten and coordinator Paz Ponce, published by Broken Dimanche Press and designed by F.U.K laboratories. Edition of 13 September 2014. Artist edition of 250 copies.

“Model Behaviours” Module I of AFFECT 2014. This publication project supported the residency process, presenting speculative choreographies of both the space and the audience. A project by Peter Biggart (US), Merlin Carter (NZ), Beth Dillon (AU), Tomás Espinosa (CO) Amie Lin (US-TW), Raquel Nava (BR), Michael O´Hanlon (AU). Published by Broken Dimanche Press . Edition of 05 June 2014. Artist edition of 250 copies.