Is AFFECT a residency program?
AFFECT 2016 is structured as an immersive academy with 7 individual one-month-long modules, led each time by an international artist whose practice addresses a specific aspect. Bridging theory with practice, each module of AFFECT 2016 is open to 15 international and local participants to explore these topics alongside the facilitator in a group dynamic in Agora´s new venue. Upon the end of the month, some of the module’s findings will be exercised and shared in the form of a public event with a larger audience. During the module, participants meet 3 times a week to make use of the artist studio space at Agora, where the module activities will take place. The hybrid program structure for 2015 allows international and local participants to be part of a collective exploration into artistic themes and a set of practices related to the city of Berlin, exchanging and sharing research methodologies in group with a public output at the end of each module.

I’m applying for a grant to travel to Germany, would it be possible to receive a confirmation letter from Agora?
Yes. Agora can provide individual acceptance letters with a description of the content and nature of the modules to support grant application processes. Letters can be issued to successful applicants upon request.

Is this a full-time program?
The group will be meeting for three sessions a week, from 12-6pm, whereas several work threads and explorations may extend to the rest of the week, depending on the participant’s interest and availability. The schedule for each module will be issued before the beginning of the month.

When will I find out if my application was successful?
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be informed within 20 days upon submitting their application.

Can you help me find accommodation in Berlin?
The program does not provide accommodation. However we can channel your request through our local network. Summer months in Berlin are quite mobile, people come and go. The city is fully equipped with opportunities and platforms to seek for a good and affordable place to live. Agora issues a welcome kit to each participant where to find useful information related to areas, transportation, health and other services in the city.

I would like to enroll in the seven modules of AFFECT 2016. Do I need a visa?
For stays up to 90 days, many citizens do not need a visa for airport transit, tourist or business trips. Make sure you check the country list before coming to Germany. For stays longer than 90 days you will be required a special Visa or visa extension. We suggest you gather pertinent information before coming to Berlin. Visa extensions can’t be granted for some nationalities when being already in Germany. Same goes for artists visa. Its always easier to apply from the country of origin. Agora can support the process issuing acceptance letters prior to the arrival, but we do not compromise to assist the bureaucratic process once module has already started.