COM(m)O(n) Club Radio: Time Travel

facilitated by Thelma Bonavita
August 1 – 27

COM(m)O(n) Club and Radio is a month-long workshop facilitated by the Brazilian performance artist Thelma Bonavita. For her module, Bonavita invites participants to enter into an experimental and inventive environment having as an outcome an intertwined radio station and exhibition.

The purpose is to experience time conceptions and its different manifestations in order to translate it into a performance system of “ideas in movement” - as if would be possible to materialize the act of thinking. The process will be tangled with a sound material production as a strategy of its documentation while doing.

The tools and methodologies of this workshop will be based on the work developed through Como Clube, an art platform initiated by Bonavita and that had its last presentation during the official program of 31ª São Paulo Biennial, 2014.

Como Club was a self-organised space, that created an atmosphere with its own modes in a playful experimentation manner, creating an environment mostly shaped by its participants.

COMO is a portuguese word that means both HOW and I EAT.

HOW = speculating modes of being, or making things .

I EAT = referring to a Brazilian cultural movement – Anthropophagy, “metabolizing“ the other or the strangeness – cannibalizing – which is very far from an appropriation mechanism.

Co(m)mo(n) Club and Radio collides performance practices, philosophy, science and eroticism theories to bootstrap the creative process. The proposition deals with an ecology of knowledges in order to speculate manifestations of time, time concepts, and time perceptions.The workshop sessions will combine theoretical time definitions with notions of fiction having as result scores and daily practices, for example, an artificial time travels exercises, augmented realities, expanded perception and so on.

Works of Karen Barad, Henri Bergson, Alva Nöe, Katrina Burch, Lygia Clark, among others are some of the case studies and ignitions by which the participants will be stimulated to navigate through the process.

COM(m)O(n) Club and Radio is designed for artists from different backgrounds interested in exploring the multiple body possibilities having it as a way to hack into any kind of medias. The radio station will be an invented common territory as well as the process capsule traces.The final event will displays all entanglements in the mode of a performative exhibition at Agora's new venue.

About the facilitator
Thelma Bonavita is an artist from São Paulo,Brazil currently based in Berlin, Germany whose work exists in the cross-sections of choreography, visual arts and fashion. Her mode of production has been guided by partnerships and collaborations expanded in time.

Bonavita's works deal with notions of fiction, entanglements and libido. The moving body in her work entangles and interacts with a body of light, sound and materials that constitute an environment of perception and sensation. Her productions often play with formats of presentation and range from traditional staged to installations, conceptual parties or rituals and editorials.