Victor Remere


Victor Remere (France, 1989) obtained a BFA from the ENSA in Nancy (France). In 2011-12 he was an exchange student at the Université Concordia (Montreal, CA). After completing his studies, he moved to Shanghai where he participated in an artist-in-residence program at the Xiyitang-School, leaded by Paul Devautour.

through meetings, conferences and actions we try to question the academic form of an exhibition and try to introduce new processes of creation in a context of a developing globalized city. In the frame of this residency, Remere was involved in two collaborative projects: The Bazar Compatible Programme, taking place in the popular Xinhua Market.  The project aimed to open a conversational frame where contemporary artistic processes were confronted with places and people from contrasted universes, often from outside the art world.

“My art projects are based on a deep interest in the technologies, practices and ownership in their personal experimentation . Sometimes pushed to the extreme , the technique is treated as a performative practice which creates a unique physical relationship to materials. These techniques are taken from personal, sometimes revisited in implementing them as an amateur. The resulting , in some embodiments imperfection contributes to the physical individuality of the work and demonstrates his own realization and perception temporality.  Many contemporary artists do not have the technical capacity to implement parts : this attitude is born with modernism, which claims that ideas are predominant in the «make work» on manufacturing. In a globalized system overload we digress paradoxically more about how products are made. In this landscape , the artist keeps in public opinion , the traditional idea that he is the one who performs the work. For me, it is to put into perspective a world often hijacked by the illusion of contemporary globalization. An etymological reading recalls that the things that surround us, from specific industries, specific sources have an origin , and they are not there by accident. This approach highlights the object and its manufacturing process. It is not necessary that the work to be accompanied by a didactic discourse since the techniques are revealed in a very accessible way and my productions carry with them their own solutions.  I draw my inspiration from the objects in the domain of everyday life, the academic , leisure, identified micro- culture. The common point between all the topics that are addressed in my work is their persistent banality : the amateur painting, taxidermy , embroidery, elementary physics , classical painting . All these issues seem to gather around them fan communities , or not, that these signs can speak so intimate and completely detached . What I seek to represent , they are immediately identifiable and able to gather the audience beyond the divisions of gender, culture and social class contemporary icons . However , provided that these images represent harmless objects or non-political self , this does not mean they are not important . In their transpositions , or deprive my work brings certain qualities to transform and acquire other meanings.” Victor Remere, 2014


Date: November 13, 2014