Rune Bosse

{bio-poem} If i was a plant, in the summer of 1987. sprouting between the forest and the beach, on southern Zealand in Denmark. Then i would grow, become interested in growing. Later in life through being moved and moving, collect nourishment from different soils and places, play with, and on, the different grounds.
I would learn and seek inspiration in my natural surroundings. It would be a tricker in my work. Both thru questioning the world, how is it put together? and the possibilities of assembling it in new ways. I often would find myself confused and not sure of where i was going, Then locating the starting point or origin, would make it possible to create a line and see a connection, it would give me direction knowing the nature of things.
Maybe from two thousand and nine till eleven putting my roots in the Royal Danish academy of Fine Arts and afterwards taking part two and a half year in the Institute for Spatial Experiments lead by Olafur Eliasson in Berlin. Still playing with things that grow