21–23 JUNE 2013


From the 21st until the 23rd of June 2013, Agora opens its
entire building and adjacent spaces for Agora Collects,
a weekend-long event based on the notions of interaction, collaboration, crossovers and conviviality and that prioritizes experimental formats of interaction with its visitors.

The event’s narrative leads the public to create their own routes inside the multiple spaces of Agora, establishing situations where discussions and ideas relevant to the fields of arts, entrepreneurship, food, education and networking, take place.

Venue Information

Agora is a network that creatively facilitates
the exchange, development and encounter of ideas, skills and resources amongst people and projects.

This network is a cultural hub where educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial values are cultivated and exchanged.

Since Agora opened its doors, in June 2011,
its layout and program have been in constant flux; juxtaposing several passions under the same roof and exploring the unexpected result of these mixes and cross-overs.

In the past two years, many people and projects became active contributors of Agora. The community grew and the necessity of celebrating this net of inter-relationships became imminent for our team resulting
in ‘Agora Collects’.

Address Mittelweg 50
Berlin Neukölln 12053
U-Bahn U8 Leinestraße
How to get here by U-Bahn:
Exit Leinestraße U-Bahn (U8). Walk north on Hermannstraße. Turn right into Kopfstraße.
Turn right into Mittelweg.