21–23 JUNE 2013

The Importance of Culture Within Organizations

Saturday 22 June / 1st Floor / 14:30–16:00

Talk / General Admission

We are living in a constantly changing environment where disruptive ideas can lead to the creation of solutions, including new infrastructure which automates processes and opens opportunities for more efficiency and (hopefully) deeper human interaction.
As these processes often decrease our time spent on real human interaction, we must also face the challenge of understanding the importance of building social capital in addition to financial gain.
In this turbulence, the question of the cultural foundation of a company is more and more essential.
More than anyone else, it is the CEO's behavior in both private and personal sphere which influences this process. In this panel we discuss how CEOs can establish a positive culture for their companies and build social capital to complement financial success.


Justin McMurray - co-founder of Somewhere:

When not helping people find somewhere they fit, Justin is probably either drinking coffee or missing the beaches in Sydney. Somewhere helps companies share their culture with the world in order to attract people who actually fit..

Markus Gilles - co-Founder at makeapoint:

Markus Gilles studied social and political science in Berlin, Paris and Toronto. He worked in political communication at the Parliament of Berlin, the German Parliament and a major German NGO and produced several short films as a freelance filmmaker. Together with cinematographer Jonas Brandau, he founded makeapoint at Agora Collective in January 2013. Makeapoint is an early stage startup that is redesigning the way we discuss online. By building a tool for face-to-face exchange and collaboration, makeapoint aims to make web communication more personal and direct. That also says something about the founders, who believe in open discussions, collaborative efforts and team spirit. Translating this into establishing their own corporate culture, is a strong focus in the current process of scaling up team size to get from prototype- to beta-stage.

Danny Holtschke - co-Founder & COO Spotistic:

Danny's passion for startups and digital business models has been shown in his work at Startup Compass - a simple benchmarking tool to better allocate resources, diagnose problem areas, align team members and stakeholders, measure progress over time and utilize a data driven feedback loop. Recently, Danny co-created the "Startup Ecosystem Report 2012" utilizing this database to analyze the 20 biggest global startup ecosystems. Based on his insights, Danny is now building Spotistic - Marketing Automation as a Service. Location based insights (LBI) help marketers to track customer's interaction with their brand locally, & in real-time (based on Facebook Places, Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp and Instagram etc.). Through LBI, Spotistic automatically analyzes the local competition and their local deals, generate new leads and help you build local communities, and strengthen your customer's loyalty. Our partnerships (to be announced soon) will allow Spotistic to make a big leap to combine online and offline data. For instance, by correlating checkins and foot-traffic we enable marketers to better measure their digital markting ROIs. Spotistic allows companies to be found locally, track all customer activity around their brands locally and create campaigns to have higher reach, and more local loyalty.

Moderator: Joel Dietz - co-founder Evergreen:

Joel learned to program at age six, completed a couple of Ivy-League degrees focused on comparative philosophy, co-founded a student exchange program with a presence in Beijing and Berkeley, worked on economic policy for a think-tank in Washington DC, and as a Ruby on Rails guru in Tokyo, Japan. More recently, he received awards from Google and Salesforce for his contributions to open source software and served as Principal Architect for Europe's fastest growing cloud consultancy. He has recently returned to Berlin from his contemplative retreat in Assisi, Italy to work on an ecological digital currency." "Evergreen provides an ecological digital currency that you can easily use in your community instead of cash. We provide apps for iPhone and Android QR cards, and an open API that can easily be integrated into any website. Also, every credit that we issue is backed by real assets, so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that the value will remain stable..