21–23 JUNE 2013

Press Release for Agora Collects (EN) (Deutsche Version →)
4th June 2013
For immediate release

Agora opens the entire building for Agora Collects, a weekend-long interactive event from the 21st until the 23rd of June 2013.

Agora Collects presents a breeding ground for art, entrepreneurship, technology and food. Artists and speakers will offer visitors unconventional ways of approaching these themes through various activities. The programme will take place throughout the building with concerts, performances, talks and a market space.

The house will be opened to the public, becoming an energetic place, teeming with opportunities to discuss, learn and enjoy new experiences. The event’s narrative leads the public to create their own routes inside the multiple spaces of Agora and find out what encounters can be uncovered in each space. Visitors are urged to join the discussions and to interact in artistic and entrepreneurial experiments.

Since it was founded, Agora has been geared towards innovative and collaborative dynamics. It has become a hub where educational, artistic and entrepreneurial values are cultivated and exchanged.

For the programme and more information please visit: http://projects.agoracollective.org/agoracollects/


Title: Agora Collects

Type: Festival

Date: Friday, 21 June to Sunday 23 Juni 2013

Tickets: Friday free entry, Saturday 5 EUR Online / 7 Door, Sunday  5 EUR Online / 7 Door, Saturday and Sunday 9 EUR Online / 12 Door

Address: Agora, Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Website Festival: http://agoracolllective.org/agoracollects

Website Agora: http://agoracolllective.org

Press Contact (non public)

tainaagoracollective.org (English)

sarah.jegelkaagoracollective.org (Deutsch)

Contact (for public)




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Agora Garden

Agora Coworking

Agora Collects The Waiting Room

Agora Collects Logo

Agora Collects Kubrick Moment

Agora Collects Cover

Agora Collects Audrey Chen

Agora Building Outside View