Agora presents collaborative works by Kasper De Vos and Chika Matsuda.

Following the opening of the exhibition with the beautiful title “Do you see the forest? I see trees.” on the 23rd of January 2013, Agora presents the outcome of the encounter between Chika Matsuda from Japan and Kasper De Vos from Belgium on the Top Floor Space. For both artists, who often work with found objects and materials in their practices, this three-weeks residency program has been a moment of cross-fertilization.

In Agora in Berlin, they collected Christmas trees, construction materials on the streets and faces of people they have met.

One of their projects to be presented is titled “Window Project” which people from Agora and its surroundings are invited to their apartment and theirs faces are registered, creating this space of intimacy between the artists and the community. The event composed by the artists tackles on the notions of meeting, encountering and the importance of valuing what catches one’s attention.