Henri Bergson once said that time prevents everything from being given at once. What would happen to a text if it happened at once? What would it look like and how would it feel like?

Using text network analysis as a methodology to convert text into visual image, as well as open-source Gephi platform, Nodus Labs developed

Textexture software, which is an online tool for nonlinear reading. Anyone can upload any text, which is then represented as a network. The words are the nodes and their co-occurrences are the connections between them. Once a text is represented as a network, a variety of tools from graph analysis can be used to detect the clusters of meaning circulation within the text, as well as the words, which are the most influential to the text’s original narrative.

Therefore, the graph obtained does not only depict the text as if it happened at once, but also takes into account its narrative structure, recording its traces in time. Such visualization can then be used to quickly get the most subjectively relevant summary from texts and compare them on the structural level.

Polysingularity of Textual Matter documents the visual aspect of this endeavour, where networked representations of texts are created using a combination of different software products, iterative algorithms, fuzzy logic, trial and error, as well as intuition, magic, science, and experiment.

The resulting images can be seen as attempts to discover the inner structure of text in a way that is personal, rather than objective. To imagine a text as an amalgamation of energy resulting from the narrative patterns that emerge when the time is conflated. A text that carries a certain kind of transformative power in its own very specific way, which is also very subjective to every person who comes into contact with it.

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On the 16th of November, Agora presents a series of work by Dmitry Paranyushkin to be showcased in our café for the three months.

One special artwork was specially developed for Agora, based on the networks of our people – from 18h, the artist will give a talk about his practice and the idea behind the works exhibited.

The restaurant “Kurz vor Eden” will be open regularly serving a special menu from 20h on.


When: 16th November 2012 from 18h

Where: Agora – Mittelweg, 50 12053