Agora is honored to present Tillmann Lange’s series of drawings and paintings on the first floor. Tillmann Lange – a friend and collaborator of Agora since the beginning – is the first artist invited to occupy Agora’s newly restored first floor.

Tillmann Lange studied Computer Sciences. However today, you won’t find him deconstructing number codes, you are more likely to find him painting. Lange’s wisdom resides in his acceptance that complete knowledge is impossible and precision is simply denied. His paintings display spontaneous forms and shapes which culminate in a complete understanding for the senses.

With his art, Tillmann Lange wants to create an experience similar to listening to music – to enjoy it without necessarily understanding its compositions. His works evoke not only the beauty of improvisation, but emphasizes its importance in everyday life. His uninhibited, free-formed thoughts reveal themselves on canvas as an ode to touch, presence and gesture – the feeling of paint, pencil, and dirt on paper – almost forgotten in this era of technological devices.

“Occupation on the First Floor” invites young artistic talents to expose their work periodically in the Agora space.


Tillmann Lange was born in Cottbus, Germany in 1981, and began his studies in computer science at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany in 2001. During this time he completed a parallel painting degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. In 2005 he moved to Berlin, where he currently works as a graphic designer while continuing his studies in painting at the Berlin Weissensee School of Arts.

His work has been published in the ‘Prolog 7’ Magazine in 2011 and has had several
solo exhibitions including ‘Linienkompott’ in Galerie im Zwischenraum and ‘Aktstudien und freie Blätter’ in the Galerie Ostart, Berlin.