Where to Find Creative/Work Space in Berlin

At Agora, we get many requests for renting desks.  Currently, our focus is on individuals and small teams of 3-5 people.  For larger spaces, I always have a few ‘go to’ sources that I refer people to.

Creative Space Explorer

It’s a crowdsourced map of coworking, hacker and other spaces where people can create, collaborate and work.  Super useful, nice design + really interesting interviews with managers of these spaces.  Big ups to Jonathan Imme at Ignore Gravity of developing it – it’s super useful for us at Agora for referencing.  (link)

Pop-up Berlin

This is another nice go to source.  A bit more practically focused – it has prices, photos and ways to book space for more short-term events.  The team there has been super responsive to our queries and keep the listing up to date.  Great local resource. (link)

Art Connect Berlin

Ah ACB…  If you haven’t visited their site yet AND you are new to Berlin’s creative scene, this team is really tight in maintaining the infrastructure to well – connect art in Berlin.  The link below is specifically for spaces, but the site’s got all kinds of stuff like Profiles, Jobs, Events.  Highly recommenced.  We even source of their feeds to Agora’s Job Board.  Worth a look… (link)

Might you know of any other places online to find space in Berlin?  Leave a comment!

I amplify communities of people working in collaborative spaces. I do this by both harmonising local and regional networks that communities operate in and facilitating knowledge exchange between the two, both online and off. Questions that inspire me are: How can we work in hybrid offline/online environments to exchange knowledge for the creative commons and public good? How can we connect and activate the potential of communities we encounter for collective network good? What does leadership look like in flat organisations, tribes and groups? How can we empower communities to be self-sustaining? My ultimate goal is my own redundancy made possible by enabling community ownership, trust and resilience through a community’s telling of it’s own stories.