New Café in Neukölln: Gordon

Today, Sun Mee and I stopped by to get some coffee at a new café and record store in Neukölln. Nice light coffee, and a super friendly owner.

Doron Eisenberg, had always liked house and techno music (17 years producing/DJing) and would throw rooftop techno and house parties spinning all vinyl in Tel Aviv under his record label Legotek.  But the scene for quality house and techno was not quite enough for Doron, so he decided to move to Berlin (of course!) to pursue his passion.

But what to do here?  Simply opening a record store is no small feat (though they are now a GmBH – congrats!) so he decided to partner with his friend Nir Ivenizki and founded GORDON – a cafe and record store in one located right around the corner from Agora at 11 Allerstrasse.

Serving house and techno plates – along with great vegetarian Israeli food to boot.

Ask for the bourekas on their menu - perfect for late afternoon – or the morning after a good party;)

Stop on by and say you come from Agora!

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