Passing the Torch

Morgan Sully

Dear Agora Community,

My residency as coworking and in-house operations manager at Agora is coming to an end.

It’s been a fantastic 2+ years directing the flow of people and projects in house and I am happy to pass the torch on to Denis Altschul, who will be slowly stepping up to steward Agora’s community and operations over the next few months under my tutelage.

Denis has been a long-time host, supporter and connector for Agora since day one, speaks three languages and I think really ‘gets’ the competing needs of Agora as both a community and a business.

While I will not be physically in-house, I will still be taking care of our web infrastructure (websites, email, accounting system, some social media) while Denis leads hosting and running our community operations.

In the meantime, my work and practice (thanks for this language Caique!) takes me to Italy where I will be developing a project called Appleseed to connect spaces like ours to universities and other spaces for residency exchanges and media making:) Stay tuned here

On a more personal note, what we consider ‘work’ nowadays is never done alone or in isolation, nor is it ever ‘complete’. We need friends, lovers, co-conspirators and sometimes just an ear that will listen to that next great idea (or console us during seemingly miserable failures). I believe the stories that emerge from this ‘work’ are what true communities are made of.

Now go find those stories.

All my best!
- Morgan

I amplify communities of people working in collaborative spaces. I do this by both harmonising local and regional networks that communities operate in and facilitating knowledge exchange between the two, both online and off. Questions that inspire me are: How can we work in hybrid offline/online environments to exchange knowledge for the creative commons and public good? How can we connect and activate the potential of communities we encounter for collective network good? What does leadership look like in flat organisations, tribes and groups? How can we empower communities to be self-sustaining? My ultimate goal is my own redundancy made possible by enabling community ownership, trust and resilience through a community’s telling of it’s own stories.