Foreplay presents: matanicola and the Progressive Wave

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Matching with the opening of the annual festival 48Hours Neukölln, Agora prepared you a delicious program that will satisfy (almost) all of  your senses!

Foreplay, our performance series, is back with a freshly new format and we are very proud to receive the duo of choreographers matanicola and performance artist ‘the Progressive Wave’ (Israel / Italy).

Some of you already know Foreplay, and for the ones who still don’t, here’s a little bit about it:

Foreplay is Agora’s on going performance series. The primary intention of Foreplay is to create proximity between the audience and the work of the performer/choreographer prior to the performance itself. We experimented earlier with different mechanisms to create these prior encounters and for this summer we believe we found a great combination. From June on, Foreplay performances will be preceded by a carefully prepared dinner situation designed collaboratively by the artist and one of Agora Food’s chefs (Agora’s new food platform, that supports 7 different chefs). This food experience is the opportunity for the artist to approach his/her work in a new format, re-articulating it into the language of taste, texture and dynamics.

matanicola and the Progressive Wave will present their current research for ‘bodieSLANGuage’.

A saturated audiovisual journey in which senses are translated into physical appearances, embodied by the sensual and dynamic language of signs.

A sort of spontaneous meeting in a very flexible format, without any rules or long rehearsal periods, in which an instant composition will be created while being performed in front of an audience, exposing the fragility and risks usually taken during a creative process.


The chef that will Collaborate with Matanicola, is Pepe. Manila­born Pepe taps into local ingredients in season and marries them with traditionally Southeast Asian herbs and eating habits to create a meal that is at once ordinary and uncanny.

A letter from Pepe:

“When I met Gal and Matan, one of the first things they mentioned about their project is its relation to the deaf culture… and I immediately felt there was something I could connect to. Up until recently for almost four years, I was living with a deaf partner, and one of the things I learned from this wonderful collaboration was the importance of the message of touch. I hope to translate this message into the meal…” ­ Pepe

— MENU —


carrot, rucola and kohlrabi cilantro salad
rolled in fresh rice paper with rhubarb
sesame sauce, sambal and caramelized onions


red cabbage and chickpeas boulleten topped
with asparagus in lemongrass and burnt coconut
rendang sauce served with jasmine rice fried in
sauerkraut, fresh turmeric and currywurst ketchup


berliner pfannkuchen stuffed with spicy purple yam
dulce de leche and cheese ice cream with melissa


About the artists:

Since 2005, matanicola has been defining and developing their own approach to contemporary dance. Well known for their unique choreographic style and signature. Their work deeply engage in questioning and redefining the boundaries of cultural and social definition, gender and national identity, highlighting the “queer”, the “other” and the alternative.

In his own performative work, Gal Naor is dealing with the relationship between linguistic forms, subcultures and mass media in the context of our contemporary society and the human expression. The exploration of these topics is embodied through the perception of Sign Language alongside with the distinctness of one’s identity. His intensive engagement within the Deaf social circles in Israel and Germany is significantly contributing to his artistic research.

After meeting in Israel and collaborating in matanicola’s 2010 production “What on Earth”, the three expressed the desire and common interest in embarking on a new artistic venture, combining choreography and Deaf Culture.










Friday, June 27th

From 6 to 9pm


Reservations at marcela@agoracollective.org

Pictures by Pedro Jardim

Date: June 04, 2014