Agora’s Cooks in Residency Program

Agora FOOD is a platform that brings together initiatives engaged to explore current approaches to food. Through various projects, Agora FOOD intends to create a place for exchange and development of people engaged in innovative forms of thinking, producing, cooking and consuming food. Agora’s kitchen – part studio, part laboratory – has become a place where notions of collaboration, self-organisation and sustainability are put into practice. At the heart of this is the Cooks in Residency Program.

The residency is a practical research-based 3 month long program. In close collaboration with the Food Assembly, a local food distribution social platform in Berlin, Agora invites a resident chefs and curate their cooking as a form of research and while doing so, find organic ways to integrate and collaborate with ongoing contexts within the Agora community and beyond. Aside from creating daily lunches at the restaurant, the resident will also participate in workshops designed by guest artists and some of the former resident chefs. During the residency, the chef will be given the opportunity to present / share their work through other formats as well, such as creating their own workshops / laboratories, designing a Pop-up Dinner, collaborating with another artist in the Foreplay series; or coming up with a fresh whole new format. This way, the chefs not only cook and develop their work, but also participate in the ongoing evolution of the platform.

Agora’s Mission

Agora FOOD is on a path to become a sustainability and circular economy platform, therefore Agora’s cook residents will participate, contribute and learn in line with our values of collaboration, self-organization and sustainability.

From September to December 2015, Pepe Dayaw and his platform Nowhere Kitchen is Agora’s cook-in-residence and will serve daily lunch improvisations while developing practical research on ‘leftovers’ or what he frames as ‘Cooking the Commons’.



Date: September 11, 2015