Alexander Steffens


From the border of a negative

There is nothing spectacular about these images. On second glance, simular to the experience in a dark-room there`s an odd surprise, as if to remind us of the singular, strange and happy moments, where the glimpse of vibrancy emerges. Despite their resistance to communicate a definate meaning, these photographs are telling stories. Like dreams which have no origin, no beginning and no end.

From the complexitiy of the double-exposures, to the double-floor of the more recent colour-photographs in Alexander Steffens images utmost preciseness, a sense for the not to be entitled is combined with abstract composition and aesthetic reflexion. His photographs testify a fondness to the subject which is too deep and sensual as that it would have to be questioned about it`s reason.

Never does his gaze though slip into devote worship or idiosyncratic glorification neither into the cool dryness of a mere documentary. Rather it keeps itself cheerful on this fine line of a question that doesn`t expect an answer.

text by Sarah Ambrosi.

Date: May 10, 2013