Interview with AFFECT artist in residence: Amie Lin


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“Photomat Rendevouz”, a series of on-site interviews leaded by Berlin-based artist Leen Horsford with residents of AFFECT Module I.
Horsford’s artistic research practice unfolds in conversational games with the aim to reveal the tastes, aspirations and personalities of the player through words and exchanges, rather than through artwork. In “Photomat Rendevouz” the British artist portrays the resident’s personal views on The Social framed under a Photo booth in the Berliner Warschauer Brücke.

Amie Lin (b. 1978, Taipei) is a Brooklyn based visual artist currently residing in Berlin. Motivated by her respite from an ever-increasing reliance on technology, she consciously sought a direct and primal means of creation that require only her hands, mind and the most basic and primal materials. Lin’s work is a unique hybrid of painting, fiber and sculpture. Her primary medium, raw wool is one of the most primitive fibers on earth. To Lin wool symbolizes the scared value of humbleness, purity, mystery and power. Her work conveys the fragility of a single fiber and the incredible strength created when fibers unite.

Prior to pursuing art, Lin studied Psychology at UCLA as she has always been fascinated with the human psyche. She later went on to work as an Art Director in fashion for nearly a decade. During this time she developed a keen eye for photographic imagery and sensitivity to various levels of aesthetics. The influence of fashion is evident in Lin’s work and it continues to be a strong undercurrent in her endeavor. She draws inspiration from conceptual fashion houses such as Alexandre McQueen, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA and Comme des Garcons. Her work straddles between the increasingly blurry line between art and fashion, reality and fantasy.


Date: May 05, 2014