Call for Agora Food Workshop Leaders

Agora Food is a platform that explores current approaches towards food. Agora’s kitchen is transforming – part studio, part laboratory – it has become a place where notions of collaboration, self-organisation and sustainability are put into practice.

Agora Food is looking for creative people to lead food-related workshops. Beginning in June, the workshop series is aimed at covering a wide range of subjects both practical and conceptual. This could be all from sharing traditional skills such as pickling, to organising an idea-sharing session based around food waste reduction.

We are particularly interested in workshop leaders who may have knowledge of alternative ways of acquiring food – namely, produce rejected by industry ie. ‘ugly veg’, freeganism, or even urban foraging.

Visit us at facebook.com/agoragorafood to see some of our previous events.

Contact dani@agoracollective.org for further information and to pitch your ideas.


Date: September 11, 2015