*Image: Raquel Nava, “Friedrich II e outras histórias”, exhibited at
Instituto Cervantes Berlin during “Model Behaviours” (Module I of AFFECT 2014)

AGORA COLLECTIVE e.V. is pleased to announce the third edition of AFFECT – Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin

Premiering on May 2nd, the program features this year a curriculum of new topics growing out of the research and practice of 7 Berlin-based international artists and curators.

Emphasis of AFFECT 2016 will be placed on Agora’s new production spacea neighboring area of 2200sq meters located in the Kindl brewery complex, at the heart of post-industrial Neukölln. The current context of transformation and redevelopment of the former factory area with the creation of a Center for Contemporary Arts and Agora itself will be part of the experimental arena for the upcoming participants.

We cordially invite you to look at this year’s program, submit your interest and help us spread the word! Visit our project website to find out more about the program, the team, previous editions and how to apply.



Modules from May to October are now open for participationWe accept applications until 30 days before each module begins. The November workshop will be selected through an open call for proposals in the frame of CAPP´s residency programme (TBA). Each group accomodates 15 people. AFFECT is based on an interdisciplinary approach; some of the main fields of interests for the development of the program are: Visual Art – Film – Sound and Music – Dance/Choreography – Theoretical Practices – Philosophy – Writing – Architecture – Curation – Performance – Creative Science Crossovers – Ecology – Political/Social Activism – Web Programming – Design – Innovation – Animation – Technology


# 1 WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs
Facilitated by Judith Lavagna

May 2 – 28 | *Apply before April 2

Departing from the interest in reconsidering “the exhibition” as a critical medium and a creative process beyond its conventional forms, WHILE WE WORK takes on a creative context in mutation that witnesses different momentums of work and labor. This workshop intends to explore which roles artists take on as cultural producers, the merging of artists as curators and the interweaving of those ‘junction-makers’ in search for performative expression. Structured towards active frameworks, case studies and research methodology, Lavagna proposes to conceive an exhibition together with selected Berlin-based artist as a final event which will investigate the context of Agora’s new space.


#2 THE ARTISTIC MISSION: Dismantling professionalism in a for-profit economy?

Facilitated by Diego Agulló

June 1 – 29 | *Apply before May 1

A collective investigation on what is the role of art in the given economy, the workshop will provide the participants with a frame to problematize together the way they access the professional structure. A mutual practice of self-examination on what is the purpose of making art, which value system operate behind their professional practices, and what are the tactics and strategies to infiltrate to and affect the professional structure from within. The purpose is to understand the constitution of the political body as the fundamental matter of social transformation within the realm of our everyday life actions.


#3 The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies

Facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval

July 4 – 31 *Apply before June 4

This workshop facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval is focused on researching about the relationships between body and text. The participants will approach libraries, archives and its potential performativities. An exploration of the everyday life and the immediate surroundings focusing in the body – as object and subject, as medium and device, as a place of inscription where reading is a never passive writing gesture, and as mediators who have the ability of activating their political agency. As output of the workshop Lorenzo Sandoval proposes the construction of a negotiated library made of inner “s(h)elves.


#4 COM(m)O(n) Club Radio

Facilitated by Thelma Bonavita

August 1 – 27 *Apply before July 1

For this workshop, Thelma Bonavita invites participants to compose and perform an experimental radio station culminating in a final exhibition. The participants will transform Agora´s new space into a functioning base to explore its meanings, matter and entanglements. The purpose of this collective experience is to produce and explore the notion of a common space, where the primary framework is the body and the mind, working together to create a sound environment of ideas in movement – as if one could materialize the act of thinking.

#5 If you don’t pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU: on the role of the collective in an attention economy

Facilitated by Sarah Lewis

September 5 – 30 *Apply before August 5

If we think of scarcity as the driving force of an economic model then, given today’s incessant inundation of information, what is becoming increasingly scarce is the attention we are able to pay and command. How does this scarcity affect, jeopardize or enhance the experience of working collectively? Utilizing a set methodology we will leverage imagination to more deeply engage with each other and elements around us by attempting to create an ecology of attention. We will switch roles, rotate authorship, view, observe, explore proposals put forth, and collectively edit and perform our generated material.


#6 CONGLOMERATE: One-Shot Sacrifice

Facilitated by Kinderhook&Caracas

October 4 – 29 *Apply before September 4

CONGLOMERATE acts as a TV Network based at Kinderhook & Caracas, a Berlin-based project space run by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline. CONGLOMERATE invites the participants to develop a short “TV Special” based on the theme of “Sacrifice” – which connotations can range from the esoteric to the everyday. Through workshops, group presentations and discussion, CONGLOMERATE will work with participants to create a single, final, one-shot (non-stop) scene composed of various set elements, props, actors, miniatures, costumes, sounds, etc, to be featured in the frame of a final Wrap Party within the created sets.



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