Applications closed: Everything under the sun

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is an alternative education program that merges the fields of food and art under the issues of climate change through an interdisciplinary experimental approach.

The world’s climate is in a constant flux since the Ice Age, and it will continue changing. The new levels of precipitation and changing of temperature patterns are bringing drought to numerous lands around the globe, however at the same time they bring fertility and agricultural variety in the Nordic geographies.

Composed of two separate modules, in its first edition in 2015, the program offers 10 SCHOLARSHIPS to applications from artists, chefs and other creative minds to address these issues by rejecting alarmism and mirroring all aspects of climate change and its results on the Earth’s landscape.

Application deadline: 14 September 2015, 18:00

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PROGRAM:Module # 1 (22 October – 13 November 2015): NordicFood Manifesto – From the Backyard to the Table*Course leaders Roderick Sloan (food specialist) and Kultivator (artist and farmer collective)As a chef and fisherman based in Norway, Roderick Sloan personally fishes the delicacies that he provides to restaurants that are bringing attention to the new Nordic cuisine – such as Noma in Denmark and Fäviken in Sweden. For this seminar, he will be discussing the visible changes in the Nordic waters by reading the climate change from the sea urchins and clams and its connection with the landscapes in the north, working in collaboration with Kultivator, an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice.Kultivator will tackle the issue of climate change with alternative approaches focusing on changes in the cultural landscape through prominent migrations and will explore possibilities of subversion by using farming as an organization and collaboration model. The participants will take part in developing new and other partnerships for producing, preparing and sharing food.Module #2 (2 – 27 November 2015): In the Age of FOODIE-ism
*Course Leader Tue Greenfort (artist) and with guest lecturer Thomas Harttung (food specialist)

Why and how has the quest for ever newer food experiences as a hobby and its legitimising ecological buzzwords become capitalism’s new squared playground for a global creative class? Developed by artist Tue Greenfort, this workshop will explore the intersections within a multidisciplinary field of tacit and critical knowledge production around the topic of food.

Unfolded as learning processes and pursuing artistic research in unfamiliar ways, the workshop module will partly be organised as dérives and detailed planned visits examine alternative food production in Berlin. The participants will have an hands on opportunity to study human relationships to food as based on manifolded connectivities between fractured and problematic multi-species kinships.


Each module accepts up to 15 participants.
Tuition fee: 300 € per module
10 SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded for outstanding applicants.
Selected participants and scholarship recipients will be announced by 21 September 2015

For more information on the modules, the team and application: www.everythingunderthesun.agoracollective.org

Programme Directors and Curators: Ece Pazarbasi and Caique Tizzi

Everything Under the Sun is hosted and produced by Agora with the kind support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Kulturkontakt Nord as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme – CAPP – which is supported through the EU Creative Europe Programme.

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** IMAGE CREDITS: Tue Greenfort, “Hunger” 2009 Precision farming system, tractor, sowing machine, crops. Photo: Sky Pictures Luchtfotografie, Amsterdam.


Date: September 02, 2015