Call for Creative Chefs for Agora Pop Up Series

After a successful few months of dinners, we are now inviting new chefs, cooks and food creatives to participate in our pop up series.

Agora Food is a platform that explores current approaches towards food. Agora’s kitchen is transforming – part studio, part laboratory – it has become a place where notions of collaboration, self-organisation and sustainability are put into practice.

The pop up series is designed to showcase the work of a different chef every other Saturday in the form of a multi course dinner event. Each chef is chosen based on their originality and eagerness to push the boundaries of food innovation in various ways.

Visit Agora Food on facebook to see previous events and daily lunches: facebook.com/agoragorafood

For more information write dani@agoracollective.org

Date: September 11, 2015