Hopf Collective

hopf collective1433

Together, Céline Pelce and Vicky Fischer are Hopf Collective .

The French duo present Food Apparatus—a food experience set in a performance and laboratory style framework.

This installation is set like a laboratory space, where cooking process will be exposed and activated to create a participative experience for the public. It invi­tes reading food transformation, via the fermentation phenomenon. This process is the work of mysterious forces, which aren’t domesticate, and emphasises the cycle of life. Using several visual process (videos, sounds, actions, objects and tools), we will present five fermentation principles, which generate this menu :

-proliferating milks and beers scums

-free-emancipating breads

-compressing pickled vegetables

-solidifying dairy products

-concentrating sauces


Pictures by Franz Brück

Date: May 01, 2014