Comuna VISITA Agora


VISITA consists of an interdisciplinary exchange program between Comuna and Agora. Comuna’s participants will occupy part of Agora’s installations to develop activities on their main formats, merging them in Agora’s current program.
The experience will be carried out throughout a week and will result in a three day event, converging four different disciplines: FOOD, ART, PUBLISHING and MUSIC.


Comuna is an interdisciplinary cultural organisation that has its headquarters house located in Rio de Janeiro, BR, where they develop multiple activities through: the COZINHA COMUNA, a bar and a restaurant based on collaborative practices, fair pricing and values close relationships both with costumers and suppliers; CASAMATA, an independent art space focused on experimental contemporary projects; A BOLHA/ESPAÇO, a shared space between the independent publisher A Bolha and numerous activities that range from experimental music presentations to seminars.

This project is funded by the Secretaria de Cultura do Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Department of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro); by the many people that supported the program via funding activities and by the support of Agora collective team.
Thank you all!

Fatia is a pocket version of the Brazilian art book fair, PÃODEFORMA organised and curated by Comuna and A Bolha. The fair is held once a year in RIO and has over 50 exhibitor. For this especial European edition there will be the exhibition and selling of the works of 6 local artists/collectives from Rio de Janeiro involved with independent publishing. Expect books, zines and multiples of all sorts.


Comuna’s chefs will enter in Agora’s daily roster to prepare a very traditional Brazilian menu: the Feijoada, typical dish made out of black beans and pork meat, in a version adapted to the local context made exclusively with meats from the area.

The second infiltration held by Comuna’s kitchen is a hands on activity around the chefs research on indigenous Brazilian cuisine. With a both theoretical and practice approach, the starting point will be an anthropological notion of how food is one of the primary forms of cultural expression and collective identity construction. The central food figure in the activity is the manioc/yuka and its different ways of preparation.

On the closing night of the event, Comuna’s chefs make what they are famous for, burgers. Alongside various other chefs from Agora’s roster, the Brazilian cooks will prepare their specialty and new recipes while they renovate their skills and creativity with the local cooks.


Luiza Crosman is a Brazilian artist and curator of Comuna’s exhibition space casamata current researching strategies to engage with the specificity of exhibition situations, strategies taking form as briefings for the public as well as for the artist herself. The activity presented will be in held at Agora’s food and performance ongoing program, Foreplay. The artist will work with Agora’s chef Ayumi for a dinner where waste, collaboration and social-economic arrangements will be the main subjects. Trough creating a need for a political as well as social interaction between the eaters, the work will be able to merge a delicious dinner and a talk on how to manage an independent art space.


To celebrate the end of the project, one member of duo Kosmos & Arredores, artist and Comuna’s visual producer Julio Parente will present a visual performance featuring original sound and scenography.

Date: November 17, 2014