Dance rising, stone dropping – AFFECT Module III

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dance rising
stone dropping

according to me
according to her

a paradigmatic pain
on the a we as condition.

a blue print for differences

- beauty of our failures
and half finished surprises.
please fasten the seat belt
the shaman presses the button.

like seeds in the desert
on the surface of my thumb,
playing on the roof
of the sandcastle you´ve made,
slightly shifting the weight in your legs,
waiting for the wind to reply.

bee the eagle.
change your orientation.
spit on my soul.
lick my heart.

you also want to lure other people with this.


Victor Ramere
Maia Nichols
Esjieun Kim
Luda Lima
Vinzenz Reinecke
Leon Eixenberger

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th
From 2-8pm
AFFECT Module III was mediated by Diego Agulló, Sarah Lewis, Lorenzo Sandoval, John Holten and Judith Lavagna coordinated by Paz Ponce.

AFFECT has conceptualized by Agora Collective e.V.

Photos by Joana Dias

Date: December 09, 2014