Detox, Food and lifestyle Workshop


This course is an opportunity for those that are looking to learn more about themselves. The course will focus on processes of  detoxication of the body,  detoxifying food and the ways we can take care of our bodies to achieve better lifestyle, radiant health and superior levels of vitality, emotional balance and mental power (to focus, concentrate, relax etc.).

We will talk about
Diet – specially raw food diet and the diets based on Chinese medicine.
Food – and juicing.
Detox – how to diagnose, how and why to do the cleanses and fasting.
Diverse Techniques for a good care of your body – body work, etc.

About the Instructor, Paulo Yamaçake:

Paulo is Brazilian and graduated as a Mind Body Study Practitioner by MBS Academy. He is now post graduating in the same area. Paulo has been studying the mind-body relationships for seven years with different teachers and traditions, such as: Chinese Medicine, Raw Food (worked at the Tree of Life in the U.S.), Oral Bio-cybernetics (Dr. Edison Swain and Dr. Mauricio Malfate) etc.

Paulo is the founder of the website www.manualhumano.com.br and nowadays has clients all over the planet for whom he provides strategies on lifestyle, self knowledge and detoxification.

All the work that Paulo develops is based on self education for that is where he believes the human potential is to be awaken.


Fee for the course: 35 Euros

Places limited. Reservations at marcela@agoracollective.org


Course Content:

Day 1


  • Welcome Reception with Green Juice and Body Work
  • What kind of quality of life have we got now?
  • Knowing the basic (poisoning food, toxins, health and disease etc.), where do we start?
  • Radiant Health and Life


  • Why Raw Food? What are the benefits?
  •  Food according to the Chinese Medicine
  •  History
  • Lineages and Styles of Raw Food diets
  •  Being Vegetarian or Vegan is not necessarily healthy. How to do it right.
  •  Changing the diet
  •  Inner and Outer work
  •  How to reorganize your kitchen
  •  Food list, equipment etc.
  •  Phases of diet change
  •  Raw Food, from the simple to the Gourmet


  • Green Juice
  •  Simple
  • Advanced
  •  Understanding the properties of juicing
  • Food Prep and Drinking
  •  The simple elegance of food, what really nourishes you and taste delicious.
  •  Raw Food Hands On
  • What are the weaker points and risks of the Raw Food diet and of the Detox Diets? How to take care of it.

Day 2


  • Easy to do Food that really nourishes you and taste delicious.
  •  The horizon that opens:
  • Exploring your connections with nature
  •  Breathing, Sun, pure water etc.
  • Taking care of the body
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Exercise
  •  Body Work and Massage
  •  Practices e Techniques (sauna, hydrotherapy etc.)
  •  Energy Work
  •  Life with more vitality and higher levels of energy


  • Panorama on Detoxification
  •  Why Detox? What are the benefits?
  • Dealing with symptoms
  • How to perform the techniques
  • Colon cleanse
  • Enemas
  • Liver and Gallbladder Flush
  • Skin brush
  • Clay
  • Neti (lota)
  • Sauna
  • Supplements
  • Techniques for energy cleaning (electric field)


  • Ways of fasting
  • Frequency
  • Biotypes
  • Benefits and risks


  • Simple and delicious food prep.


  • Presentation of before and after (fasting and raw food) photos.
  • Time to explore the areas of interest of the participants.




Date: June 06, 2014