The Elemental Food Experience



“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke

On January 31st, Agora is very happy to welcome renowned chef Daniel Morgan for an evening of exquisite taste, texture and aroma.  It isn t the first time that Morgan brings his talents under Agora’s roof, and we can only say that every experience that he orchestrates leaves us full of anticipation for his next visit. Finally he is back and proposing an exciting conceptual dinner inspired on the four elements Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Have a look into his menu to see how he translated this to his extravagant dishes, so you can start preparing your mind, stomach and taste buds for this experience.


The Elemental food experience by Daniel Morgan

All that is born, all that is created, all the elements of nature are interwoven and united with each other. All that is composed shall be decomposed; everything returns to its roots; matter returns to the origins of matter.


(the Terroir)

Earth salt and clay baked root vegetable’s with smoked yoghurt, young sorrel, juniper, dandelion and berry wine


(The tide)

Mussels in herb and parsley broth, with juiced grape,dashi and seaweed …



(Food and light for the soul)

Coal and flame grilled potato puree, with a barley and ash salt, crispy chicken skin, brown butter and thyme




Sweet fennel cream, with baked apple, wheat and seed crumble and fennel pollen doughnut


Daniel Morgan is a very experienced chef, having worked in some of the best restaurants of our times. This is a bit of his trajectory:

“Having spent my formation years contributing to London’s fine dining scene (The Ritz, Maze by Gordon Ramsay, Sketch and The Square), I relocated to Berlin to expand my knowledge of culinary expression, where I came in contact with an artist who invited me to do a chef residency program in India for six months of research and development, collaboration and cultural immersion. I then moved onto Scandinavia and did an internship at Restaurant Noma, learning about foraging, aging and pickling, it was a truly great experience.

Moving on from my cooking in London and looking at the future, I believe that through traveling and experiences  food or non food related , we learn a language that helps us translate what we have experienced  into our chosen profession or career .



January 31st, at 7pm

Agora – Mittelweg 50, 12053 Neukölln – Berlin

35 Euros (pre-booking) / 38 euros (show up)

*drinks are not included

questions and reservations at marcela@agoracollective.org

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Date: January 16, 2015