‘Resto’ – Leftover Slam with Pepe

/ Residency: February to May 2015 /

Pepe Dayaw (Joseph Patricio in another life), one of the members of Agora’s Food platform initiates a practice of making lunch for people out of food left in the kitchen. He uses the sacred art of improvisation to create ‘new’ dishes out of what is there. You are invited to contribute if you have extra food from home which you do not want to use, so it can participate in this intuitive stew. You are also invited to observe, learn, help, share during the cooking process. A new or renewed recipe emerges after each cooking. The meal will be sold as a special ‘lunch menu’ in a restaurant setting.

This is not an advocacy towards creating more leftovers or excess food. This is an invitation to participate in redeeming what this concept means to us, and how inhabiting its practice could empower us to transform the way we design our lives within the realm of everyday.

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Pepe 2

Date: February 14, 2015