‘Eat Yer Soul’

/ Residency: February to May 2015 /

Nova Scotia (where I hail from) is so stimulating to the senses with its briny ocean air, the sweet apple blossoms and piney aromas, the rich, bitter, red soil contrasting against the lush foliage. I developed a palate, a sense of elemental balance inspired by my sensory awakening in the Maritime landscapes that became the foundation of my cooking. Exotic cuisines was my first reach beyond my costal boarders and inspired me to seek unintuitive parings, transformative textures and layered flavours that make the properties of the individual ingredients blossom. Cooking for me is a creative process, intimately fulfilling an essential need in the most pleasureful, exciting, playful and comforting way possible, the holy quadfecta of what I would refer to as soul food. If i am creating something that you grace me by inviting into your body, I want that something to gives nourishment and a sensory experience.”




Date: February 17, 2015