‘Experiments in Brunch’

Experiments in Brunch is a weekly brunch series taking place every Saturday at Agora Collective. The series features a rotating array of chefs and menus: once per month are American breakfast classics by Jillian May, who plays host to the event, followed by a guest chef on each subsequent Saturday. All coming from different culinary traditions, these guest chefs interpret the concept of brunch according to their own cultures and tastes. Each week is different, so come and experience them all amidst the relaxed weekend backdrop at Agora’s lovely cafe.
Jillian May is the host of Experiments in Brunch. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and chef originally from New England, USA. When she’s not organising culinary events around Berlin, Jillian is working on her food blog Convivialist http://theconvivialist.com/, in which she presents personal stories and recipes from cooks who live in Berlin but come from various other countries and culinary traditions.
“Brunch begins with a fundamental question of how we spend our leisure time, the days when we are not working. How, specifically, do people from all kinds of culinary traditions eat during their ‘day of rest’? How is it different from what we eat during our working days? Why?”
Date: May 16, 2014