Fernanda Trevellin


Fernanda Trevellin opens Skywater, a permanent water collecting system, during Agora Collects.

Skywater will filter rain into drinkable water and sustain Agora’s new window farm.

The art of Fernanda Trevellin happens in a symbolic and also perceptive level. In her work, this happens in a collection not only of images but also of materials. Earth, stone, grass, water, rubber, cement, glass… function as a kind of secular iconography in which our relationship to these elements, of culture or nature, gain with her creation a solemn and primordial meaning.

Her objects, photographs, installations and her studio itself often refer to ancient curious cabinets. As if trying to perceive the world recovering it from the beginning of its operation in the modern era, but seeking new directions. She plays with the fact that in her studio she feels more in a laboratorium. Not sure whether she is an artist or a scientist. Her work well endorse this interchange between the knowledges. The currents of art that wanted to be accurate at the turn of the twentieth century seems now poetize science at the beginning of this new century.


Date: April 30, 2013