Foreplay performance series with Sheena Mcgrandles

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Foreplay is Agora’s performance series that promotes the collaboration of a performance artist and a Berlin based cook. Its primary intention is to create proximity between the audience and the artists’ work by creating a familiar context, a dinner.

Sheena McGrandles and Zinzi Buchanan’s work together as STEVE & SAM has been driven by the desire to perform and make apparent their female masculinity, transform associative matter, eroticise material, object, self and other. Also to collide performative art forms, of dance and drag, with an earnest, critical and embodied approach. It is a serious research that extends to identity politics, the ecology of matter, the potentiality of ‘body’ and its corporeal means and, a rigours approach to an embodied physical practice of ‘dance’ in and through all things matter.

For the FOREPLAY evening STEVE & SAM present ‘Man Must Eat’ where they will experiment with soft and hard food-matters to discover the extent and range of their masculine potential. They will take you through a series of beyond taste-sensational events along with Stockholm-based choreographer/musician Ofelia Jarl Ortega.


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Sheena will be collaborating with Agora’s chefs in residency program cook, Pepe Dayaw, together they will prepare a three course menu that dialogues and complements STEVE & SAM’s work and questions.

Learn more about Pepe’s work here

The menu will be announced in the next days.

Entrance fee including the menu and a welcoming drink: 20€

Make sure to make your reservations at

Tickets on the spot without reservations: 25€

Date: May 14, 2015