Foreplay presents: Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud


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“…foreplay implies a certain level of confidence and trust between partners and creates intimacy before the main act.”

Foreplay is Agora’s Performance series that promotes the collaboration of a Performance artist and a Berlin based chef. Its primary intention is to create proximity between the audience and the artists’ work by creating a familiar context, a dinner.

2015 starts very well with the two swedish artists Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud bringing their most recent works to Berlin and sharing it with us in the 6th edition of Foreplay. This time, the dinner will host two performances, the result of a beautiful collaboration between the artists and one Berlin Based selected chef (still to be announced).


A bit about the work and the artists:


‘Textile Location’

textile_location (1) copy

Performance with and by Liv Strand where a large red and white striped textile structures the events. A costume is constructed to let the performer blend in:

A binary situation. One distinct difference is established.

The same width and length, forming a striped unity where one color field is contiguous to the next. They touch without blending.


Liv Strand is a visual artist that take interest in how processes of understanding is present in material form. Form like sculpture, installation and other processes. Her interest comprises how understanding can be transposed between different medias, within that what is apprehensible and related to language. Liv Strand is part of some long term collaborations and make solo art projects as well. 2012/13 she was the Iaspis artist in residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Now she is artist in residency at the Sandberg Lab at Ludwig Institute in Stockholm, connecting Life Science to art.

‘i n t e r m e z z o’ - jokes, sounds and scratch, hiding in plane sight

By Marcus Doverud

Exploiting the in-passing, a being be it a sound a movement a custom or a person thought as an in-between. Things that oscillate between being so stable that we can’t deny their presence but-yet-still devoid of substance to the extent that it is very difficult to nail their being down.

This piece travels along the same trajectory as the previous pieces Because I Created It Like That and Faster Unstoppable The Fighter and work through the media of choreographed live-performance and music.

choreography and performance: Marcus Doverud


Marcus Doverud is working as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and chef. Marcus is currently Stockholm-based and an active part of the performance related arts internationally. Marcus graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and also studied aesthetics and philosophy at the Institution for Culture and Communication at Södertörn University College, Stockholm. His work move between different stages dealing with bodily, spatial and sonic utterances and their interrelations. Collaborations are widespread in Marcus work and trough dialog moving toward a differentiated politicization of the aesthetic. Part taking in the contemporary field of art and education Marcus aspires to describe-create contractions in culture that can open up for new ways of understanding, experiencing and being together.

The evening is hosted with support by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


Friday February 27th - 7pm

Mittelweg 50, Neukölln

Dinner and performance – 20 Euros (prior payment) / 25 euros (payment on arrival)

For any further information, please contact : marcela@agoracollective.org

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Date: February 12, 2015