Foreplay Presents: Stina Nyberg


Foreplay is Agora’s Performance series that promotes the collaboration of a Performance artist and a Berlin based chef. Its primary intention is to create proximity between the audience and the artists’ work by creating a familiar context, a dinner. This way the artist have the opportunity to translate his/her work into the dynamics of the traditional practice of dining, playing with its rules and elements to develop a direct dialogue to the burning questions driving his/her current creative process. The role of the chef is equally important in the event with its important contribution of  aromas, textures and flavors that smoothly help to compose the evening.

Our next edition invites Stina Nyberg, from Stockholm to build upon her recent solo Horrible mixtures.


squareStina Nyberg i “Horrible mixtures”.

Horrible Mixtures


With Stina Nyberg as the host and the audience as the actor, this edition of Foreplay plunges into the potential of the spiritual to create a space for shared experiences. Based on Nybergs solo “Horrible Mixtures” she creates a dinner situation to communicate with the minds and suspended disbeliefs of a limited audience.

Recognizing herself as deeply limited by natural explanations, Nyberg wonders what might be learned from the supernatural side. It’s a question of personal experience and private dilemmas, and also one – according to Nyberg – for an overly rationalized world.

“Horrible Mixtures” dives into the middle of belief and scepticism, mashing up experiences, knowledges and sciences usually held distantly apart. “Horrible Mixtures” uses a dilettante approach to mentalism – assuming homemade methods for mind reading and mediation. Nyberg uses these methods to look for the capacity to imagine different connections between thoughts,
language, fantasy, the future, bodies and spectators.

Let’s not ask ourselves whether we believe in magic, or if it really works, but what magic can do. Can magic help us blur the boundaries between words such as natural, unnatural and supernatural?

Can the physical effects of thought help bridge the imaginary gap between the body and the mind, the known and the unknown? Can revisiting ritual, communal, and mental experiences create new shared fantasies between strangers? And can such experiences help us to stop knowing, stop understanding, and stop making sense?

In collaboration with a chef (TBA), Nyberg will use this dinner ritual in order to orchestrate a meeting in between the live performance, the sense, the marketing investigation, the treatment and the research.

Menu TBA


Stina Nyberg is based in Sweden where she works with dance and choreography. She is working in several collaborations as well as alone, trying to always relate her different projects and work roles within her choreographic work. With a critical yet loving approach she thinks about the possibilities of different logics, rearranging our ways of behaving in and shaping the world. The last years, Nyberg has been choreographing and performing in the live show Shaking the Habitual with the Swedish band The Knife. In 2014 she made Tones & Bones for the Cullberg Ballet as well as the group piece Splendour performed at the festival Another Fine Selection at MDT in Stockholm. The solo Horrible Mixtures was made with the help of Andros Zins-Browne and had its premiere in March 2014.



Friday March 20th – 7pm

Agora – Mittelweg 50, Neukölln

Dinner and performance – 20 Euros (prior payment) / 25 euros (payment on arrival)

For any further information and reservations, please contact : event@agoracollective.org


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Date: February 13, 2015