Urban Gardening And It’s Future Possibilities


On Sunday 23rd June from 14:00-15:30 Agora Collects presents a moderated, open discussion with five experienced professionals concerning global and local challenges to sustainable urban development.

Five Berlin-based individuals coming from the worlds of community building, urban gardening, activism, art, technology and internet commerce will share with us their different perspectives on progress made during the current decade, which the United Nations has dubbed “The Decade for Sustainable Education and Development”.

This multi-faceted discussion will be an opportunity to explore the diverse, progressive environment here in Berlin as well as discuss ways in which we can all collaborate on positive, productive strategies for spreading awareness to those around us in a time of increasingly inconvenient truths.

The talk will be moderated by Travis Wood and held between him; Fernanda Trevellin; the artist presenting ‘Sky Water’, Ricardo Kramer; the founder of Biokutsche, Aino Stratemann from ‘Stadt Macht Satt’ and Florian Raffel from ‘Prinzessinengarten.

Date: May 20, 2013