At GETD we will be sharing ideas, skills and resources to co-create new experiences around the decentralized web and its collaborative model. Much value will be added throughout the participative process undertaken by each project. The GETDframework is meant to support all participating projects in their research to reach their next level, in both technological development and mutual collaboration between individuals and partners. You decide to participate in one of the listed projects or to bring your own.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

The African proverb implies that it takes a whole community to create and develop a collaborative network. A network that really helps us to get ahead. It is an universally acknowledged truth holding it’s value until today.

With Gatesense we want to create a platform for an ecosystem to emerge and be self-sustainable. In doing so, we want the community to adopt and shape the platform, continuously expand the ecosystem, and redefine the interplay between people and the surrounding environment.

The team behind Riot_OS expects an evolution in the software platforms powering Internet of Things devices that can be compared, to some extent, to the recent evolution of software platforms powering smartphones.

The Sharing-Box is a lending machine, from which you can borrow tools for your bike, a Go Pro action camera, a drill or a skateboard.

A data sharing application and distributed server software for the collaborative economy. The novelty of Jolocom’s innovation is that every kind of data can be shared across networks while remaining secure in the hands of the originator; core to the innovation is the decentralized server and database structure.

Date: August 26, 2014