Get Down Get Dirty #2 – Workshop-Series on Urban Permaculture

Get Down Get Dirty #2








It’s coming up again this Saturday – continuing gardening fun.

This time, we’ll be learning about plant families (learning to identify plants by family gives you a big advantage in your gardening!), going through seedling care / transplanting, and visiting a local urban garden, amongst other activities.

Please bring some comfy walking shoes in addition to the usuals.

Date: May 9th / Saturday

Time: From 1pm to 5pm

Price: 60 euros

Location: Agora collective / Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Course language: English

Contact for all questions: theresa@agoracollective.org


Get Down, Get Dirty is an year long course, the high-light of the City-plot – Agora Collaboration.
In this year long course you will learn and get one to one consultancy to start your own permaculture vegetable garden.

GDGD is an in-depth six-part series of half-day workshops covers the fundamentals of sustainable organic growing as the seasons unfold. We will cover crop planning, seeds, seedlings, composting, soil health, propagation by cuttings, creating a balanced garden, various vegetables, herbs, fruit, wild and edible flower crops, seed saving, four-season growing, harvest and more. All classes are a combination of theory and hands-on practical work and can be booked as single workshops as well.

Next Dates: June 13th / July 4th / September 5th / October 10th

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Date: June 06, 2015