Get Down Get Dirty #4 – Workshops Series on Urban Permaculture


…Yeah! Its already time for the next session of Get Down Get Dirty: The focus for GDGD 04 is Balance in the Garden.

We’ll be looking at plant care for this stage of growth as well as recapping on our methods that support garden prevention over cure. Nonetheless, cure is sometimes still a necessity, so we’ll be going through the pest and diseases which you may already be encountering and what organic approaches you can take to get the balance back in your garden.

To have a longer term location for some of our helpful garden friends (insect form), we’ll be building an insect hotel. As we all most likely have materials which we can put to use/recycle for this at home, it would be great if you could bring:

A wooden box or open bird house that has an overhanging lip to keep rain/snow out.
An assortment of twigs, wood chips, rolled up paper, leaves, or hollow reeds (bamboo works well), thin cardboard tubing, and (if desired), blocks of wood with holes drilled into them.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Twine or wire to hang the finished hotel, or some type of post on which to elevate it.

If you have enough of any or some of the above for others in the group, also please feel free to bring additional materials along.

To finish up, we’ll be propagating and sharing plant cuttings. So if you have any softwood plants (ie. grape and berries) or perennial herbs which you think would be exciting to share with the group, please also bring along part of or the plant.


Date: July 4th / Saturday

Time: From 1pm to 5pm

Price: 60 euros (payment is on the spot)

Location: Agora collective / Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Course language: English

Contact for all questions: theresa@agoracollective.org


Get Down, Get Dirty is an year long course, the high-light of the City-plot – Agora Collaboration.
In this year long course you will learn and get one to one consultancy to start your own permaculture vegetable garden.

GDGD is an in-depth six-part series of half-day workshops covers the fundamentals of sustainable organic growing as the seasons unfold. We will cover crop planning, seeds, seedlings, composting, soil health, propagation by cuttings, creating a balanced garden, various vegetables, herbs, fruit, wild and edible flower crops, seed saving, four-season growing, harvest and more. All classes are a combination of theory and hands-on practical work and can be booked as single workshops as well.

Next Dates: September 5th / October 10th

Date: June 29, 2015