Give Something Back to Berlin Meet Up

Do we even need to say that we are excited about the next GSBTB community team up? Those of you who were there last time might remember what an amazing evening it was! Tuesday the 24th we are now throwing the next global-migrant-friendship-connection-making-evening!

Last time around we were more than 150 people making what felt like one hundred billion different connections between Berliners old, new and everything in between! Everything from new arrivals finding apartments to be able to leave the homophobic refugee shelter behind, to journalists connecting with other journalists, Syrian English teachers who are now starting to teach in Berlin, dancers who got connected with local dance groups, people who simply hooked up and then went exploring Berlin on the weekends together, other new arrivals finding artistic platforms and projects on which to express how it really is to flee your country and live on the run… Not to mention all the people who exchanged telephone numbers and all the friendly chit-chatting that took place.

Sound scary? Not really – last time it worked very well when refugees and non-refugees simply came together to mingle and speed date to introduce their skills/hobbies/what they’ve studied/worked as before migrating with some simple name cards and some ”… ah I see you also like…”

Let’s do this AGAIN! Bring yourself and your open mind and let’s keep on building bridges between different people!

And the GSBTB-team will of course be there to answer questions about different ways to get involved and much, much more…

Date: November 23, 2015