Green Juice Course – from basics to advanced

The goal of this workshop is to make people able to get a better health through the practice of juicing.


It intends as well to help you understand how to start juicing on a personalized way, knowing which vegetable is good for
what and start identifying what is necessary for your body at that moment.


A little bit about the instructor, Paulo Yamaçake:

‘I am graduated from the Mind Body Studies Academy, where the way of thinking and developing education is through self-education. As I work teaching information, I consider it important to share the core values in which my work is designed. I believe a lot on the diversity of humans so all of my works is designed to empower people to make their own choices. Everyone has wisdom inside them so there is no need for dogmas, but there is a great value on learning about ourselves and also using the experience of people that have been researching and working on certain areas for decades, which I do present. I have the believe that we deserve the best, so I have been studying with highly competent people around the planet to offer you what I truly discern as the best tools for you to have a great life. My goal is to provide people practical tools to achieve their potential. I look forward to working with people that take responsibility for their own lives and are willing to change, and even though I accept people with diseases, my work is not for treating diseases, but for improving life experience.’

Targeted Public: everyone that is interested in juicing for health.


Course Content

  • Intro Living Juices, from basic to advanced.
  • Contexts, lineages of study.
  • Clinical Cases.
  • Intro to Chinese Medicine (focusing on juicing).
  • Why Green Juice Nutritional Power of Juices
  • Diagnosing – how to know what is necessary.
  • Taking care of organs and meridians.
  • Specific ingredients – what is the benefit of each vegetable and which ones are not be used.
  • Hands On Ways for preparing it.
  • Detox The Detox Process.
  • Extras What to care about to be successful while juicing.
  • Ways of consuming – time, amount etc.
  • Ways of storing it (different clinical view points)
  • Food for the period of detoxification.
  • 21 Days Green Juice Challenge.
  • How to design a personalized juice program.


Friday – July 4th 2014 from 5 to 8pm

The course  includes recipes of several juices as well as their tasting.

Limited places, please reserve your place at marcela@agoracollective.org

Fee: 25€



Date: June 04, 2014