Independent Curation with Iohanna Nicenboim


Agora is happy to host a workshop on curatorial studies lead by our dear and frequent collaborator Iohanna Nicenboim.

The workshop will concentrate on the process of curating exhibitions and events, focusing on independent initiatives and alternative spaces.Participants will get introduced to Curation and have insights in the different aspects of the practice such as: planning and production of events, conceptualization of a show with different methodologies, promotion and design.

In the second part, the participants will develop a short project in an experimental environment, exploring the different strategies and tools for organizing self-contained events. The event/exhibition/happening will be presented to the public at the end of the workshop.

Having completed the course, participants will have more confidence in developing and presenting their own independently curated projects in the future. They will improve their teamwork and have the opportunity to work with other creative people in a multidisciplinary group, establishing a network for future collaboration.

Pre requisites
No prerequisites are needed, but being connected with the creative scene is recommended: artists, creatives, designers, art collectives or project spaces.

About the Instructor

Iohanna is a multidisciplinary designer and curator based in Berlin. She has 4 years experience in exhibition design and works as an independent curator and coordinator at Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin. She is an Artis Grant Recipient, has received the Polonsky Best Design Prize for her research and did lectures in different cities. Iohanna is interested in the interaction between objects, space and human beings. She believes in endless possibilities of expression, exploring, and experimenting with new techniques, materials and creation processes. As a curator, she has concentrated on setting up exhibitions in different alternative spaces, showing works that bridge the gap between art, design, and other disciplines. Within an experimental approach, she is interested in new methodologies of work that question the role of the curator, allow alternative ways of collaboration and encourage open-ended dialogues between artwork, context and audience.

Iohanna’s website: http://iohanna.com/

The course has the duration of 4 weeks, with classes of 4 hours once a week.
Every Monday night from 6.30 to 10 pm.

11th March 2013
18th March 2013
25th March 2013
1st April 2013

Date: September 01, 2012