Japanese Flower Arrangement Workshop

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is more than simply putting flowers in a container. It is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing where nature and humanity are brought together. It is steeped in the philosophy of developing a closeness with nature.As is true of all other arts, Ikebana is creative expression within certain rules of construction. Its materials are living branches, leaves, grasses, and blossoms. Its heart is the beauty resulting from color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines, and the meaning latent in the total form of the arrangement. Ikebana is, therefore, much more than mere floral decoration.We invite you to spend an evening with Japanese 4th degree Ikebana master of the Sogetsu school Rie Ono. In her Ikebana introductory workshop you will learn about the philosophy of Ikebana and learn how to make a basic style of Ikebana “Moribana” using branches, flowers, “kenzan” (spiky frog) and a shallow plate. There is no such thing as only one “answer” in Ikebana. The answers can be as many as the number of people who are make Ikebana.

Early birds tickets (until Sept 25): 23 eur
Tickets (after Sept 30): 28 eur

Order tickets here.

* Get your ticket soon, there are only 10 places available.
** All prices include Kenzan (4,2 cm) and flowers.Rio Ono: on.fb.me/1Y8BoDi 


Date: September 16, 2015