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Marble Sauce – Bring something unique to the table.

Marble Sauce is a new catering project in Berlin which focuses on contemporary cross-over food culture: combining traditional European techniques, with their emphasis on precise methods with fresh input and exciting ingredients from Latin-American and Asian cuisines. Marble Sauce is committed to finding unexpected combinations, and juxtaposition and originality are at the heart of what we do.

Started by Brazilian Caique Tizzi and a team of cooks and artists, Marble Sauce aims to cover every aspect of your event from food to drinks to decoration with equal care and creativity. Caique is the founder of Agora Collective in Neukolln with its unique food approach, and formerly, one of the topped booked chefs on Kitchen-Surfing.com.

Marble Sauce aims to bring a new type of experience to your kitchen, bringing years of combined experience to the task we focus on private events and have catered to a larger range of situations- from an intimate dinner for two, to an informal office lunch for 60, to a festive banquet for 150 guests.

Every menu is designed specifically for each client and whether you have invited us into your kitchen, your office or your party, Marble Sauce can cater to any budget, always doing the utmost to bring something unique to the table.


Caique Tizzi

Caique Tizzi




Date: August 12, 2015