Interview with AFFECT artist in residence: Merlin Carter


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“Photomat Rendevouz”, a series of on-site interviews leaded by Berlin-based artist Leen Horsford with residents of AFFECT Module I.
Horsford’s artistic research practice unfolds in conversational games with the aim to reveal the tastes, aspirations and personalities of the player through words and exchanges, rather than through artwork. In “Photomat Rendevouz” the British artist portrays the resident’s personal views on The Social framed under a Photo booth in the Berliner Warschauer Brücke.

Merlin Carter is a New Zealand-born visual artist who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Merlin began studying art at the Berlin University of Arts in 2009 after a long and varied IT career working with information and language analysis technologies. In 2010 he joined the Institut für Raumexperimente (IfREX). IfREX was a 5-year educational experiment that was founded by Olafur Eliasson in April 2009 and ended at the beginning of March 2014.

During his time in Berlin, Merlin has established a practice that focuses on the relationship between bodies and technology, and explores the phenomenological questions that have emerged from this complex relationship. To what extent do our tools become extension of our bodies? What kind of interface is the body? How do we change when we traverse the bridges between the physical and the virtual? Merlin uses video, sculpture, and interactive installations to explore these questions and to blur the boundaries between viewer and user.


Date: May 05, 2014