New Agora Food Residency Programme: Prep Kitchen

Prep Kitchen at Agora Café

(Jan – March 2016)


The worst is yet to come, let’s make the best of it. The next installment of Agora’s Chef in

Residence sees a shift in pace. In a time when it is easy to adopt a dystopian outlook on our

future, the aim of Prep Kitchen is to explore resourcefulness when running out of resources, how

to creatively come together instead of heading for the hills.


Agora Kitchen will be inviting local initiatives that engage with ‘useless’ food and culinary

capitalism to participate in creating an alternative chain of supply to the café. In addition to

continuing our quest to celebrate that which otherwise would be considered ‘waste’, we will also

continue our close collaboration with Food Assembly to bring us locally sourced, grocery store

independent farm-fresh produce weekly.


During the three months of the residency, with the aim of enabling the individual to re-design a

different consumption practice within a failing system, Agora will feature practitioners in the fields

of fermentation, urban gardening, dumpster diving, bread making, and more. Some of these will

be highlighted in workshops that will also feature prep-worthy subjects such as growing your own

mushrooms and starting the conversation on how to eat insects when we run out of cows.


As for the menu expect total wintery comfort – we will be baking sourdough bread to feed the bellies

of those on the front lines, fermenting old vegetables to give them new, frankenstienian life,

and cooking up slow broths to sustain us through the cold. We hope that you will join us this

winter as we hunker down and make the best of what we still have; our community, their

byproducts, our sharp knives and hot stove.


Concept by Dani Berg



The Real Junk Food Project Berlin

Restlos Glücklich

Asli Hatipoglu, chef and textile artist 





Date: January 04, 2016