Passerelle at Agora´s Community Dinner

Passerelle project: drawing new bridges between French, Roma and the media.

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Since 2013 artists Joana Zimmermann and Victoria Zorraquin have been working with a group of Roma children living in slums on the southern outskirts of Paris.
Passerelle (the bridge) is their first editorial project, a trilingual picture book drawn by the children with words written in French, Romanian and Romani language. In a particularly complex social context of racism and segregation, the Passerelle project is an attempt to shed a different light on Roma children and their families. Beyond the so-called “Roma question” Passerelle is also a research project that uses drawing as its main tool to look at how Europeans think of their cities and the immigration challenge.
Victoria and Joana will be sharing their experience at Agora.
French speakers can learn more on the Passerelle project at: www.abrasso.fr
Caique Tizzi and Renata Har will be cooking recipes from the Bidonville´s Mama.
Date: August 31, 2015