Interview with AFFECT artist in residence Peter Biggart


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“Photomat Rendevouz”, a series of on-site interviews leaded by Berlin-based artist Leen Horsford with residents of AFFECT Module I.
Horsford’s artistic research practice unfolds in conversational games with the aim to reveal the tastes, aspirations and personalities of the player through words and exchanges, rather than through artwork. In “Photomat Rendevouz” the British artist portrays the resident’s personal views on The Social framed under a Photo booth in the Berliner Warschauer Brücke.

Peter Biggart (*1987, New York) is an American visual artist and Architect who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, New York. Peter studied art at the University of Colorado in 2011. Since graduation he has worked for a New York based real estate develop doing interior design. In September 2014 he will be attending the M Arc 1 program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture a 3-year accredited program.

Seeing architecture as more of a common-good his artistic practice deals with identity in the face of tragedy. Influenced by Francis Bacon and Robert Longo he explores the human figure and its place in American society where feelings frustration and isolation are condemned.


Date: May 05, 2014