Pickling workshop: Preserving the harvest


February 21st 2015, 19.00 – 22.00, Agora Café

Our different food cultures and traditions bring many things to our lives today and in the uniqueness in the different cultures we actually find what unites us. Especially when we look back into the old preserving techniques. In some places they ferment, others make sweet & sour, some salt, some combine different techniques, and we all eat in our meals.

Back in the days we preserved because we didn’t have enough or because the technology was not developed to keep the food fresh. Today we have enough food, actually too much, and all possibilities to keep it fresh, but we can learn things in the old techniques to handle an important task today: fighting food waste.

On Saturday’s evening (Feb 21st) Kathrine will host a workshop about pickling. The evening will start out with a workshop and continue with dinner accompanied with some already prepared pickles.

The workshop will focus on traditional recipes from the European preserving traditions and on how to use everything from the fridge or the garden in the name of less food waste. We will talk about preserving techniques and needs, what is good to pickle and what goes well with it on your plate.


Evening program 19:00-22:00:

- Welcome and introduction to pickling

- We all pickle some greens

- Tasting of different pickled stuff pre-prepared by Kathrine

- We all have dinner together

Besides learning how to pickle different kind of greens you will go home with:

- One jaw of your self-pickled greens

- Different recipes for your future pickling



Date: January 29, 2015